ZendyHealth Partners with WiserTogether to Help Customers Make the Best Treatment Decisions – At the Best Price

ZendyHealth and WiserTogether are joining together to expand their ability to empower patients to make the best decisions for their healthcare. Together they will allow patients to make informed choices about their treatment and financial well-being.


LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) MAY 02, 2018 – ZendyHealth is a digital healthcare marketplace offering a wide range of health, dental and plastic surgery procedures. Founded by physicians, ZendyHealth aims to provide their customers a centralized healthcare platform where they can discover and access healthcare services in affordable, convenient ways. ZendyHealth’s market network helps users to connect to an array of providers offering standardized procedures including radiology, Lasik, dental, and virtual primary care services – many of which are HSA-eligible.

By partnering with Boston-based WiserTogether, ZendyHealth adds to its suite of tools to deliver more value to customers by way of facilitating the treatment-decision making process based upon diagnosis. Studies have shown that the more engaged a patient is in their healthcare, the better the outcomes and compliance can be.

Return to Health Platform – Making Better Decisions with Your Treatment Options

WiserTogether’s Return to Health® platform is an organized, actionable treatment guidance solution. Be it individuals or families, everyone stands to benefit from the offering of WiserTogether. The platform aims to provide patients with the most appropriate, up-to-date, and effective treatment options based upon diagnosis.

Max Kahn, CEO for WiserTogether commented: “We’ve always tried to make our customers the priority, and we’re proud to say that this latest step has equipped us with more resources to cater to our customers’ needs. By joining hands with ZendyHealth, WiserTogether has made sure that not only do consumers at large get accurate treatment options but they also get to choose the applicable treatments and tests at the best prices. Our motive behind this partnership is ultimately to give patients more information – by empowering consumers with more information about their treatment options and by using ZendyHealth’s price shopping suite of tools, individuals will have the power to make well-informed healthcare decisions.”

The platform derives accurate treatment options based on the medical history of an individual. By synthesizing signs, symptoms, and condition with clinical guidelines and proprietary data, users will be best equipped to make optimal decisions.

“With all the widely accessible but variegated, conflicting information about healthcare conditions available all over the internet, we are pleased to offer systematic, pre-screened, and data-driven information in an organized fashion,” commented ZendyHealth CEO, Vish Banthia MD, “Return to Health adds another dimension to what we can offer to our customers in their treatment decision-making and purchase-making processes.”

About WiserTogether

WiserTogether is a leader in consumer-focused technology solutions that advance clinical outcomes and improve patient satisfaction. WiserTogether’s innovative solutions help guide consumers to the best treatment options by systematically filtering through the enormous amount of information resources applicable for every medical condition.

About ZendyHealth

With a suite of price shopping tools and virtual care suite as well as a top-rated Provider network, ZendyHealth provides a user-friendly, empowering platform to its customers who seek better care at affordable prices. Founded by a group of medical professionals, ZendyHealth aims to revolutionize healthcare access with the ability to value shop in healthcare.

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