Working Together or Being Alone

Working together has more benefits and advantages than being alone. In fact, working with other people is extremely beneficial, especially if the compatibility of the group is good. At some point, if there are a good chemistry and strong working relationship within the group, then success can easily be achieved. Below are some other benefits out of working together:

Group Attending Neighborhood Meeting In Community Center Clapping
  • It facilitates creativity and quick generation of an idea – There’s a saying that “two heads are better than one.” Hence, if there are more individuals who are working together as a whole, then they can create new ideas that would be good for everyone. They can also think better and have better outcomes out of what they are doing. 
  • It enhances productivity and provides better results – Working as a team can inspire other people to work better and harder. Scientists found that every team member motivates one another to be more effective and productive to their tasks. 
  • Working together boosts up motivation and morale – People are said to be social creatures, and most people enjoy sharing their experiences with others. Science noted that people are psychologically and biologically wired to work and feel better in a group rather than being alone. In this sense, the advantages of working together are multiple. When you are feeling tired, your colleagues can give you extra energy to power up and perform the tasks. Aside from that, sharing success enhances team motivation, and sharing failures makes your days gloomy. It likewise empowers you to formulate alternative solutions just to overcome such failures. As part of a certain group, you may have a greater control level over your decision and your work itself. Because of this, there will be an overall recognition and a greater sense of ownership of the project. 
  • Working together encourages taking risks that are healthy. According to Aristotle’s extensive research project, one of the major prerequisites for a successful teamwork and camaraderie was a “shared belief by members of a group which the group is tend to be safe for risk-taking.” There is a strength in high numbers, and it is much easier to decide on some risks if you are with a group of people who support you no matter what happens. 
  • It provides better and faster learning when working together. If you work together as a team, you will most likely work with various ages, skills, experiences, backgrounds, and personalities. Although there are some challenges that you may experiences while you are in a large number of groups, you can still learn something from them since there will be the so-called “shared knowledge” within the group. 
  • It improves customer service – If a team is working together and trying to achieve the goal of the organization, then they can provide excellent customer service because the best outputs for the tasks are being attained. The main reason why it enhances customer service for all is that those people share their best practices and experiences, and that makes the customer service better.

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