Return to Health® delivers validated clinical information that enables disability and workers’ comp claimants to make effective and appropriate treatment decisions, facilitating an expedited return to health.


Boston, MA, July 19, 2017 – WiserTogether today announces a partnership with Peers Health and the launch of the Return to Health® healthcare treatment platform for Disability and Workers’ Compensation Markets. This solution is an enhanced version of the company’s flagship Return to Health® platform specifically designed to address the unique needs of the workers’ comp and disability markets. The platform informs, guides and initiates the treatment steps to returning to health, improving the claimants’ decision process and leading to greater adherence and decreased cost.  

Return to Health® integrates clinical guidelines, cost transparency, and return to health timeline data with the specific conditions and attributes of the claimant. The solution synthesizes this vast array of data into Best, Good and Poor treatment categories, enabling the individual to understand, act and adhere to the most appropriate treatments on their road to recovery.

Peers Health is committed to delivering world-class resources that improve outcomes in the return to work markets. Return to Health® uses the timelines for recovery from the best practice guidelines of ODG®, the leading professional guidelines product in workers’ compensation and disability markets, published by Data Institute (WLDI). This product extends the reach of the multi-year partnership between Peers and WLDI.

“With the exponential growth of clinical treatment information available online, some appropriate and some not, it is increasingly challenging for individuals to determine what the most appropriate treatment options are for them,” said Max Kahn, WiserTogether CEO. “We are excited about the capabilities within the Return to Health® platform to effectively guide individuals to the right treatments and facilitate the steps to return to health, leading to better outcomes and lower costs for our clients.”

“Enabling individuals and populations to be knowledgeable about their treatment options and to be equal partners in the treatment process leads to better decisions and better outcomes,” commented Jon Seymour, CEO of Peers Health. “It is exciting to see the new capabilities within the Return to Health® platform from WiserTogether. By syncing the content with ODG’s professional solutions, providing an easy-to-implement communication channel directly to the injured worker, we have positioned this product to truly impact the individuals with a disability or on the job injury.”


Key components of the Return to Health® platform include:

  • Drives action through a consumer-friendly interface, available on any platform with native mobile apps for Apple and Android and a cloud-based web design.
  • Aligns clinical guideline efficacy, cost, return to health timeline data, and consumer preference with treatment options for each condition.
  • Categorizes each treatment into “Best”, “Good” and “Poor” categories based on the condition identified and specific attributes of the patient.
  • Provides referential information on both the condition and treatment, enabling the individual to understand their condition and treatment options.
  • Facilitates the actions necessary to move forward on the appropriate treatments.


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