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WiserTogether, Inc., a healthcare treatment comparison tool, has established a relationship with Best Doctors, Inc., the global health services company that brings together the best minds in medicine to help people get the right diagnosis and treatment plan. This relationship will provide large employers better purchasing value and streamlined communications to members to drive engagement.

Offering WiserTogether’s groundbreaking decision support solution, called Wiser Health, alongside a suite of clinical advocacy services from Best Doctors will enable employees to make better-informed medical treatment decisions by having access to the world’s leading physicians. Wiser Health helps employees evaluate options based on data about the comparative effectiveness of treatments, use of the treatment options locally by physicians and patients, cost, coverage and personal preferences about care.

“Best Doctors and WiserTogether are complementary solutions. Even though there is more access to information today than ever before, health consumers are still looking for the best treatment options that will work for them and within their budget,” said Shub Debgupta, CEO, WiserTogether.  “Deploying these solutions together empowers businesses to move away from a fragmented set of underutilized benefits programs to provide a seamless experience for employees. J.R. Simplot is an example of a mutual client to leverage this relationship and deploy combined employee communications.”

Wiser Health is the only decision-making tool with technology that compares treatment options using evidence-based clinical outcomes, individual consumer preferences, insurance coverage, cost and popularity of the treatment among physicians and patients in the local community.

When consumers need to make decisions about healthcare, WiserTogether’s personalized treatment comparison software enables them to choose the right treatment – most effective in outcome, most personally tailored, and most cost-effective and affordable. The result is improved health and reduced costs.

“Empowered and engaged patients play a vital role in improving health outcomes,” noted David Seligman, Chairman and CEO of Best Doctors, Inc. “By bringing together the medical excellence capabilities of Best Doctors and the decision support solutions offered by WiserTogether, employers and members will be empowered with a much better understanding of the health care options and opportunities available to them.”

About WiserTogether, Inc.

WiserTogether’s personalized healthcare treatment comparison software enables consumers to choose the right treatment – most effective in outcome, most personally suitable, and most cost-effective and affordable. The result is improved health and improved costs for consumers, their employers, payers and providers.  The company serves millions through their employers and health plans.

For more information about WiserTogether, please visit our website at www.wisertogether.com.

About Best Doctors, Inc.

Best Doctors connects physician communities with other clinical experts, ranked in the top five percent of doctors by impartial peer review, to help people get the right diagnosis and right treatment. Together with Rise Health, the organization creates personalized care experiences by combining actionable data insights and medical excellence. Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School physicians, the global health solutions company, which has grown to over 30 million members worldwide, uses state-of-the-art technology capabilities to deliver improved health outcomes while reducing costs. Best Doctors seamlessly integrates its trusted health services with Fortune 1000 employers, insurers and other groups in every major region of the world. Gallup has certified Best Doctors as using the highest industry standards survey methodology and processes in polling physicians to discover the doctors they would choose for their own care.

For further information, visit Best Doctors at www.bestdoctors.com.

To schedule an interview with the Best Doctors Executive Team, contact Justin Joseph at Ph: 617.963.1156 or jjoseph@bestdoctors.com.

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