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WiserTogether, Inc., the treatment effectiveness transparency company which offers Wiser Health – a personalized health care treatment decision support solution for consumers- announced that its Wiser Coach product will now be available in all markets.

Previously only available to select partners, the company announced that after a successful launch, it is making its Wiser Coach solution available to all clients and partners. The Wiser Coach solution allows clients’ own health coaches and third-party health coach services to have access to the company’s Wiser Health tool, giving health coaches the ability to use the award winning Wiser Health solution to educate members, help them to prepare for doctors’ appointments, and discuss possible treatment options with members. Wiser Coach enables health coaches to utilize the same personalized content and data from Wiser Health that is accessible to members, helping health coaches to effectively guide members through the healthcare system and their health decisions leading to better outcomes, lower costs and improved member satisfaction. The Wiser Coach solution also enables clients to make the most of their health coach investment by allowing health coaches to perform targeted outreach to at-risk members, learn about the member’s preferences and values and improve the quality and effectiveness of the coach-member interaction. Health coaches will be able to offer support on members’ health issues and available resources in a timely manner and engage with them before they enter the claims cycle, helping the client and their members reduce their respective costs.

“WiserTogether is at the forefront of the consumerism and patient-centric revolution underway in healthcare. By making our Wiser Coach product offering available, we are helping the great work that health coaches do and help them reach more members at the point of a decision in a personalized, timely way with the all the relevant information needed to make better shared decisions, achieve better health outcomes, and improve satisfaction.  This is a natural next step as we continue to reach more and more people as they look to make decisions to feel better faster,” said Shub Debgupta, CEO and founder of WiserTogether.

About WiserTogether, Inc.

WiserTogether’s personalized healthcare treatment comparison software enables consumers to choose the right treatment – most effective in outcome, most personally suitable, and most cost-effective and affordable. The result is improved health and improved costs for consumers, their employers, payers and providers. The company serves over 5 million people through their employers, insurance exchanges, health plans and providers.

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