A personalized shared decision solution made simple.


Attract new patients

Drive traffic to your public website and facilitate appointments with your providers by providing treatment guidance to prospective customers.


Increase utilization of network providers and services

Facilitate access to your scheduling tools to keep patients in your network and to reduce leakage.


Enhance the interactions between provider and patient

Enable a Shared Decision Process by providing decision aids that guide the patient to the best treatments for them following your protocols.


Improved compliance and outcomes

Increase buy-in and commitment to treatment decisions through a Shared Decision Process.


Reduced clinical costs

Better decision making and compliance improves outcomes and lowers costs for your at-risk populations.



“The platform has given me all the information needed to achieve better health, exercise, diet and decisions. Reliable health related information is invaluable.”

— User Testimonials



Return to Health® Treatment Guidance Platform enables consumers to achieve better health outcomes and employers, health plans & payers to save money.

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