Empower healthcare consumers to be a true partner in the care process




A Clinically Proven Healthcare Information & Treatment Guidance Solution

Enables healthcare consumers to understand, identify and leverage the health system to act on the best treatment options for their condition.


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WiserTogether Return To Health:
Improving Outcomes and increasing Market Share



Be the “Trusted Source” of healthcare information to healthcare consumers through consumer focused web and mobile applications.


Provide evidence based treatment guidance and clinically proven treatment plans that adhere to your organization’s best practices.


Enable seamless access to the health system assets and resources so healthcare consumers can act on the guidance provided.


Positioned as the Trusted Source of healthcare information for the market, increased adherence to best practices, increased utilization of health system assets – Improved Outcomes.




  Who Benefits from Return to Health?

Healthcare Consumers

by evaluating treatment plans that are evidence-based and include approved protocols they are able to make informed decisions about their care.

Healthcare Systems

By informing and guiding consumers to appropriate treatment plans and resources through digital mediums, they increase engagement with the health system, compliance and outcomes.


WiserTogether Return to Health creates a method for organizations to attract healthcare consumers and connect them to the appropriate resources within their community and organization.




How Does Return To Health Work?

The Return to Health platform guides people to the most appropriate and effective treatment options for that individual, resulting in higher compliance to best practices, a true Shared Decision process with the provider, leveraging of the health system’s assets and better outcomes for the individual.


Clinical Data

Return To Health’s web and mobile solution are based on Leading clinical guideline databases ensuring that the treatment options provided are evidence-based and clinically proven.


Cost Data

The Return To Health database includes treatment cost comparison content and general cost data available from public sources and customer-specific costs and/or cost transparency tools.


Consumer & Provider Ratings Data

Treatment success data, treatment ratings associated with specific conditions, and patient and provider reviews of various treatments are available within Return To Health.


Time to Recovery Data

ODG Return to Work guidelines are included with Return To Health, providing a complete view of treatment options and further informing and guiding consumers about the best treatment plans and time to recovery.


Analytical Data

The solution provides comprehensive analytics that measure the actions and behaviors of healthcare consumers enabling organizations to understand the behaviors and needs of the consumer population and proactively meet them.



WiserTogether Return To Health:
Empowering employees to be a true partner in the care process.