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Engage consumers early, stay with them longer, build value throughout

With this shift to CDHPs, people are looking to shop for health care like they do for other purchases making decisions based on the cost of care, best treatment options and peer support. To address the need for comprehensive information in a convenient location, WalletDoc has incorporated leading edge technology platforms like Wiser Health into our Online Member Service Center where people are checking their balances and paying claims when faced with health care expenses.

-David Cantu, Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Public Relations, SelectAccount

Support consumers at the point-of-decision

By supporting members earlier in the decision process, you can engage and guide them more effectively.

Build value throughout the care journey

Value is built during every step of the consumer’s care journey, and you can now be present and help along the way.

Better understand and support your consumer

Create stickiness by personalizing support and care. Gain insight into consumer needs, intent, preferences and values to better support the consumer at the point-of-decision and action.