For Employers

Help employees find, compare and select treatments that improve outcomes and reduce costs

True transparency needs context and treatment support

Augment your standalone cost transparency efforts with a simple, seamless and personalized treatment decision support.


Simplify the transition to high-deductible plans and exchanges

Simplify the transition to higher deductibles and exchanges by providing scalable and personalized decision support and intelligent triage to fully support employees.


Improve the impact of value-based plans

Guide consumers to the best and most effective treatments and services that have been designed for them.


Boost employee satisfaction

Our award-winning solution, with its unique consumer-experience and personalization features, boosts employee and dependent satisfaction with their benefits and care, while they make better choices.

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We’re committed to providing our colleagues and their families with the tools they need to make the best healthcare decisions. The Wiser Health tool’s ease of use powered by clinical evidence drawn from Wiley’s Essential Evidence PlusTM – the most powerful, comprehensive, evidence-based clinical decision support system trusted by health professionals - aligns to our objectives.

Stephen M. Smith, President and CEO, John Wiley & Sons

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WiserTogether’s decision-making tools enable consumers to achieve better health outcomes and employers, health plans & payers to save money.

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