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WiserTogether, Inc., the treatment transparency company which offers Wiser Health – a personalized health care treatment decision support solution for consumers – announced that SelectAccount will offer Wiser Health as part of its WalletDoc consumerism suite of tools to help account holders make informed decisions about their health and their health savings account dollars.

As one of the largest health savings account (HSA) custodians and account administrators, SelectAccount offers an extensive suite of online resources to help account holders make smarter health care decisions for them and their budget. By including Wiser Health in the WalletDoc suite of tools, SelectAccount is at the forefront of helping account holders become smarter consumers of health care by making better health decisions based on cost of care, treatment options and peer support.  Wiser Health will be available on the Online Member Service Center where account holders check their account balances and pay claims and other expenses.  The seamless user experience gives account holders access to the market-leading treatment decision support solution and a way to understand available treatment options and likely costs at the point-of-decision.

Wiser Health is the only comprehensive solution that enables users to find, compare and engage with treatment options based on clinical outcomes, effectiveness, cost, difficulty and popular preferences.  With a unique database of over four million consumer health and treatment decisions, users can compare and select treatments based on what matters to them. This results in better outcomes, reduced costs, greater savings and higher member satisfaction.

“By offering Wiser Health, SelectAccount has taken an industry-leading step in supporting account holders at a key consumer decision moment in health care. Cost conscious consumers looking to spend their tax-advantaged health savings dollars in the most efficient way, will now have access to the Wiser Health solution right from their account platform.  This helps account holders better manage their health while maximizing their savings and account holdings,” said Dr. Shub Debgupta, CEO of WiserTogether. “Wiser Health helps members in high deductible health plans or in tax-advantaged health savings accounts, to better understand their treatment options and their associated costs.  This is the first and crucial step in the journey towards consumerism and will help SelectAccount’s members have more productive and engaged conversations with their healthcare providers, thus saving them even more time and money,” added Dr. Debgupta.

“Employers are moving towards Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDHPs) for their employee populations with little or no access to cost effective consumerism tools to complement the CDHP health benefit,” according to David Cantu, SelectAccount Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Public Relations. “With this shift to CDHPs, people are looking to shop for health care like they do for other purchases making decisions based on the cost of care, best treatment options and peer support. To address the need for comprehensive information in a convenient location, WalletDoc has incorporated leading edge technology platforms like Wiser Health into our Online Member Service Center where people are checking their balances and paying claims when faced with health care expenses.”

About WiserTogether, Inc.

WiserTogether’s personalized healthcare treatment comparison software enables consumers to choose the right treatment – most effective in outcome, most personally suitable, and most cost-effective and affordable. The result is improved health and improved costs for consumers, their employers, payers and providers. The company serves over 3 million people through their employers and health plans.

For more information about WiserTogether, please visit our website at www.wisertogether.com.

About SelectAccount

SelectAccount has been driving innovation in medical savings administration for over 25 years.  They offer a full suite of tax-advantaged solutions – HSA, HRA, FSA, VEBA, transportation and dependent care accounts to meet client’s changing needs as they plan for their health care expenditures.  They are one of the leading medical savings administrators in the country managing more than half a billion dollars in consumer medical account savings assets integrated with numerous partner data exchange connections, serving 7,000 employers with account holders in all 50 states.  MII Life, Inc., d.b.a. SelectAccount has been approved by the U.S. Department of Treasury as a non-bank HSA Trustee.

SelectAccount is headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota with an office located in Chicago, Illinois.  Visit www.SelectAccount.com to learn more.

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Catherine Riedel