Through RightOpt, our private exchange, members now have access to Wiser Coach, an offering from existing RightOpt solution partner Wiser Together.

With the Wiser Coach solution, Health Advocate health coaches — advocacy professionals and registered nurses — access and utilize Wiser Together’s Wiser Health tool, a decision support solution focused on data-driven and evidence-based treatment transparency, giving coaches access to the same personalized content and data that is accessible to members.

Health Advocate health coaches use Wiser Health to educate employees, prepare them for doctors’ appointments and discuss their treatment options. In addition, Health Advocate health coaches will be able to offer member support on health issues and available resources in a timely manner and engage with members before they enter the claims cycle.

The result: employees are guided and supported through the healthcare system in a more comprehensive and personalized manner, leading to better outcomes, lower costs and improved satisfaction. And both the employer and its members will benefit from reduced costs.

By providing Health Advocate health coaches with this powerful clinical decision support tool, members directly benefit from the enhanced integration that exists within RightOpt.

Scott Rabin, National Practice Leader, Health Exchange Solutions

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