Return to Health® provides a key
Actionable Treatment Guidance solution for people.



We combine comprehensive content consisting of Consumer & Provider Ratings, Clinical Effectiveness, Time to Recovery, and Treatment Cost Comparison information.  This complex data is then translated into a friendly, simple, and actionable consumer facing tool.


Actionable Guidance

We effectively enable people to initiate their healthcare. Individuals are empowered to feel more confident and knowledgeable about their healthcare choices. This shared decision making process, allows them to make better healthcare decisions leading to better outcomes.


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Device agnostic

To ensure higher adoption rates, we’ve designed our platform to responsively adapt to any computer or mobile device. This allows our platform to work well no matter an individual’s device preference.


Seamless integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates within existing health solutions, uniquely filling a critical health solutions gap using Actionable Treatment Guidance.


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Simple turn-key implementation

Our implementation is simple and easy. Service can be turned on within a week with minimal support. We’ve met and exceeded our client’s implementation expectations every time.


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Protected information and privacy

Information is protected using encryption technology and all required standards. Multi-step process for user identification and authentication protects user information in full compliance with HIPAA and HITECH standards.


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We have adopted a multi-layered approach to security to protect our information. We’ve passed the toughest security requirements for some of the largest companies.


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Continuous feedback

We incorporate continuous user feedback on decisions and the solution to continually improve products and services.





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Return to Health® Treatment Guidance Platform enables consumers to achieve better health outcomes and employers, health plans & payers to save money.

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