Return to Health® Platform

An Actionable Treatment Guidance Solution for
Individuals & Populations

Reduce Clinical Costs • Higher Compliance to Best Practices
Effective Shared Decision Process • Better Outcomes

The WiserTogether Return to Health® platform guides people to the most appropriate, effective and often less intrusive treatment options for that individual, resulting in lower clinical costs and higher compliance to best practices — a true Shared Decision process with the provider and better outcomes for the individual.

How It Works

The Return to Health® platform combines comprehensive content with our proprietary data and compares it to the condition, symptoms and key attributes of the individual.

Comprehensive Content

Clinical Guideline & Efficacy content

  • Leading clinical guideline databases including: Care Guidelines from MCG Health, Essential Evidence, UpToDate®, ODG

Treatment Cost Comparison content

  • General cost from public sources
  • Customer-specific costs and/or cost transparency tools

Proprietary Data

Consumer & Provider Ratings data

  • Treatment success and ratings associated with specific conditions
  • Preference and demographic information allowing for personalization of ratings
  • Responses from consumers and physicians as patients

Time to Recovery data

  • Exclusive license for ODG Return to Work guidelines
  • Treatment codes matched to Diagnosis codes and time stamped for how long someone was out of work
  • Time out of work being an excellent proxy for time it takes to resume normal activities

Watch a video about how Return to Health works

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Next, the platform aligns the appropriate treatment options for that individual into Best, Good and Poor categories enabling them to review and identify the most effective treatments for them

The Return to Health® platform then facilitates the steps necessary for the individual to move forward with their treatment choices, whether this is purchasing over-the-counter items for Do-It-Yourself treatments, or Scheduling an Appointment with a Provider, Tele-Health service or Facility.

Utilization Results

% Population Used Tool

% Users which Choose Effective Treatment

400% — 900% Return

ROI Achieved by 25% Reduction in
Ineffective Tests and Treatments

% Users that Would Recommend Tool

Platform Highlights

Mobile app and device agnostic

To ensure higher adoption rates, we offer a native mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. We’ve also designed our platform to responsively adapt to any computer or mobile device when viewed within a browser window. This allows our platform to work well no matter an individual’s device preference or browser screen resolution.

Seamless integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates within existing health solutions, uniquely filling a critical health solutions gap using Actionable Treatment Guidance.

Simple turn-key implementation

Our implementation is simple and easy. We can implement within weeks with minimal support. We’ve met and exceeded our clients’ implementation expectations every time.

Protected information and privacy

Information is protected using encryption technology and all required standards. Multi-step process for user identification and authentication protects user information in full compliance with HIPAA and HITECH standards.


We have adopted a multi-layered approach to security to protect our information. We’ve passed the toughest security requirements for some of the largest companies.

Continuous feedback

We incorporate continuous user feedback on decisions and the solution to continually improve products and services.