There are several community fundraising ideas which you may try for good. If you want, you may also try any of the following concepts for fundraising in your community:

  1. Make and share your fundraiser – Make a fascinating story on your page, which describes why you are raising funds. Also, you need to describe how your project can directly aid the community. If you were about to launch your fundraiser, you might share it on Twitter, Facebook, and some social media sites for fast promotion. Always remember that in order to maximize donations, it would be better if you will gradually share your fundraiser in stages. 
  2. Host some fundraising events offline – These events would help to boost donations to the fundraiser. To make your events successful, it needs a combination of organization and planning together with the help of active volunteers. 
  3. Ask some local businesses to provide donations – It is also a good idea to invite some local businesses to participate in the fundraiser community by matching donations actively. Matching donations can raise a big amount of money from businesses. This can also motivate some other people to donate since they will be inspired by the deeds of others. If you make a partner with some businesses in your locality, then this may also result to legitimacy or acceptability to your fundraiser.
  4. Sponsor group events in your locality – You may start organizing some sponsored events like runs, bike rides, or walk-a-thons, especially during summer. 
  5. Accumulate donations from school fundraising – You can also ask the students to participate in a specific community project so that you can expand their networks and can even collect more donations from other people.