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WiserTogether, data-driven treatment transparency solutions for employers, health plans and payers, announced today that WiserTogether’s WiserCoach solution is now being utilized by Benezon, a Florida based national healthcare advocacy and telemedicine services firm.

“With the WiserCoach solution, our Benezon subject matter experts (SMEs) can access and utilize WiserTogether’s Wiser Health tool, a decision support solution focused on data-driven and evidence-based treatment transparency, to help educate members on questions to ask their doctor and treatment options that meet their personal preferences, improving productivity for plan members and reducing costs for Benezon clients and customers,” said Bart Sheeler, CEO of Benezon.

“WiserCoach allows Benezon SMEs to engage and create unparalleled value for a member.  The addition of this solution permits differentiated value for our clients, brokers and distribution partners,” added Julian Lago, President of Benezon. “The addition of WiserCoach to our solution allows us to continue to execute on our mission of providing personalized support across the entire healthcare spectrum and return to the individual as the focal point. Together we are helping members to become better healthcare consumers through increased awareness, engagement, and improvement.”

“We are thrilled to pair WiserCoach with Benezon’s services, and to assist them in enhancing the lives of their members. We continue to help more members at a critical point in the decision-making process, in a personalized and timely way, providing them with the relevant information needed to make better decisions, achieve better health outcomes, and improve satisfaction,” said Shub Debgupta, CEO and founder of WiserTogether.

About Benezon

Benezon provides healthcare advocacy and telemedicine services to help clients reduce costs and improve convenience at the member level. Healthcare Advocacy is a personalized concierge-level service designed to support brokers and agencies, and their respective plan members, in understanding, accessing and utilizing healthcare. Our dedicated subject matter experts provide professional support and reduce confusion associated with the complexities of the healthcare system by helping plan members through awareness of options and effective engagement and decision tools that can lower costs and improve outcomes. Benezon’s healthcare advocacy services reinforce the value being requested by today’s employer groups and their trusted advisors in the benefits community.

About WiserTogether

WiserTogether offers highly engaging, data-driven treatment evaluation platforms to help consumers make better-informed and personalized treatment decisions. WiserTogether’s solutions bring actionable insights from claims data, patient-reported ratings, clinical evidence, and cost information together in a personalized experience that engages users at the point of decision.  By transforming patients into empowered consumers, WiserTogether delivers better outcomes, higher satisfaction, and improved costs for consumers, their employers, payers and providers.  WiserTogether serves over 3 million people through their Return to Health, Wiser Health and WiserCoach solutions.

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