7wire Ventures Invests in WiserTogether, the Mobile Crowd-Sourced Consumer Healthcare Decision Platform

Understanding Dimensions Behind Health Choices and Iterative Machine Learning Revolutionize Medical Decision Making, Lower Cost, Result in Better Outcomes


7wire Ventures, a Chicago investment firm founded by technology entrepreneurs Glen Tullman and Lee Shapiro announced the completion of an investment in WiserTogether, Inc., a cloudbased, consumer-focused health decision-making platform powered by crowd sourced data from consumers and physicians who have encountered similar personal medical decisions.

WiserTogether’s Wiser Health platform gathers and narrows the sea of health information and choices to an individual’s best options based on clinical efficacy, consumer and physician health decision data, financial considerations, and treatment preferences. This makes health consumers more educated and empowered decision makers when it comes to their unique care choices.

7wire Ventures, which primarily invests in health and education, made this strategic investment on the rise of what Tullman calls the Intelligent Connected Health Consumer (ICHC). “WiserTogether efficiently provides better health information on an individual level through using crowd sourced health data from consumers and physicians facing similar medical challenges,” said 7wire Ventures Managing Partner Glen Tullman. “It turns out that following the wisdom of the crowd, especially when that crowd includes physicians making personal decisions about their own health, leads to higher engagement and more effective decisions. That results in higher quality care and more satisfied patients at a lower cost,” Tullman concluded. Contact: Catherine Riedel catherine@nextleveleverything.com 312-209-0250 2 “WiserTogether is excited to welcome 7wire Ventures experience in health and healthcare to support it’s mission to improve the decision-making experience of our users,” said CEO and founder Shub Debgupta. “We offer the simplest and most accessible ways for health consumers to take into account their values, lifestyle, and preferences when looking for treatment options that work and are cost effective,” Debgupta continued.

Today, more than 2 million people have access to WiserTogether’s platform through employers and health plans in the United States. The tools are accessible online or via a mobile application wherever a consumer needs them.

About WiserTogether, Inc.

Faced with a daunting and personal healthcare decision, Shub Debgupta founded WiserTogether in 2008 to give consumers smart tools that can yield the right information to face their health situations. The Company’s healthcare research and decision-making tools help people chose a treatment path based on all the factors that matter, including clinical evidence, personal preferences, cost, access, and plan coverage. It leads to better medical choices that result in greater satisfaction, higher compliance, improved health outcomes, and lower medical costs.

For more information about WiserTogether, please visit our website at www.wisertogether.com

About 7wire Ventures

7wire Ventures looks for and invests in innovative ideas and entrepreneurs that mainly address three critical areas: health care, education, and energy. Through the creation of new businesses, investments in early and growth stage companies, and by complementing funds with insight and experience, we transform great ideas into world-class companies. For more information please visit our website at www.7wireventures.com or like us on Facebook.

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